Fountain Repair

We identify leaks, and repair leaking fountains using SEMCO for which we are factory trained.
SEMCO also has the added advantage of offering LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) credit which promotes sustainable and energy-saving construction practices.
We also remove white mineral buildup using the latest and best techniques.
Getting your Commercial Fountain repaired and in working order is our priority. 
We get your Water Fountain to operate properly so that you can enjoy the beautiful sight and sound of flowing water. 
No need to put off having your fountain in working order.
However if for some reason you don't want it to work, we can even remove it. 
Call us at: 1-800-941-0376
California State License # 983052 C53, A           LA Dept of Public Health Lic #T5563    NPSF CPO certification #447846  
Specialize in Fountain/Water Feature Construction, Repair, Modification and Maintenance
WATER FOUNTAIN GUY  Circuit Boxes/DMX Controllers-
SEMCO Coating

Fountains/Water Features-   Cast Acrylic Walls-
Timers- Manifolds Auto Water Fill- Lights-
Pump Replacement- Control Panels- Cast Acrylic Walls-

When a fountain repair on a water feature is needed, we fix it with urgency.  Fountain repairs we fix include architectural patina, to mastive pump change outs, to electrical controllers.


We are available 24hrs/7 days a week for fountain emergencies.  Do not hesitate to call us if you have a fountain repair emergency.  Chances are high that the sooner we can get to the fountain to repair it, the lower the total damage will be, and of course the lower the total cost to repair the fountain will be.  Likely when a repair is needed, a key area of the fountain has failed.  Such failure may be rooted in what is a seemingly unlikely location.  And the failure could just be the symptom of the problem.  Water Fountain Guy thoroughly understands water features/fountains and can identify such root failures. 


Fountains, over the centuries, have been constructed in many different ways.  Water Fountain Guy has worked on all types of fountains/water feature repairs so understands and can rectify all kinds of fountain problems.  Fountains are our passion and that is why we understand how to repair fountains. 


We do fountain repair all over Southern California and Nevada.  However our primary fountain repair service area is Southern California, from Thousand Oaks to Anaheim and from Santa Clarita to Long Beach.  Other areas for fountain repair are Long Beach, Cerritos, San Pedro, Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills, Redondo Beach, Torrance, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, El Segundo and Malibu.


Many times fountain repair includes much electrical checks for fountain components like electrical panels, lights, timers, wind sensors, auto water float sensors, controllers, and even pump motors.  We are licensed to check, and repair any fountain electrical component. 

Fountain repair also includes insuring the fountain is not leaking and if it is, identifying where and how to repair the leak or leaks.