Cleaning Maintenance Service

Water Fountain Guy will clean and remove any and all debris found in your fountain each visit.
We will clean all algae, mineral build-up, and other forms of growth on the fountain walls.
We have the necessary equipment to clean your fountain.
Your fountain will be clean each time a Water Fountain Guy visits.
Water Fountain Guy will treat the fountain by testing the ph, water hardness, algae and other key levels every visit. You can be assured that the fountain will be maintained in order to keep the water clean, non-smelling and clear during your contract with the Water Fountain Guy.


Timer will be checked and set accordingly to insure smooth operation and full enjoyment of Water fountain pump and lights.


FOUNTAIN REPAIRS-                             
Water Fountain Guy will repair any damaged equipment related to the fountain including but not limited to lights, DMX controllers, software, circuit breaker boxes, pumps, water fill control valves, filters, piping, wind sensor controls, pressure gauges, and flow meters.  Repair prices are given on a case-to-case basis.