Fountain Questions

Is routine maintenance needed?

Yes, like most things, Fountains/Water Features need to be maintained.  In this way, clear, clean water that does not smell, and without algae build up, will allow you to enjoy the pleasant sound of flowing water that will enhance the surroundings.  Keeping the water crystal clear in your fountain not only enhances the beauty of the fountain but also prolongs its useful life.  It is all about what kind of living space you want to embrace.

Do you have a clunker on the property?
Yes, if you have a water Fountain that is not working properly or is just not working. It is like having a pile of bricks on the lawn. A pile of bricks does not sound good, certainly does not look attractive and a non-working Fountain does not add value to your property. But a properly working water fountain looks great, sounds great, and adds that touch of style to your property. The Water Fountain Guy can help you to get that “Clunker” working as it was intended to work.

Is your Fountain/Water Features not working properly, or just not working?

Call us and we will be more than happy to provide you an assessment of your fountain.  Whether it be big or small, we work on any interactive, laminar or turbulent flow marble or concrete Fountain/Waterfall.  And, if for some reason you don’t want it to work, we can even remove it.